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Convenience. Prepared for the wireless world.

Enjoy the well-being and quality of life that our automation can provide to you. Perform schedules, create scenes and control the entire residence from anywhere in the globe!

Just take it out of the box. Like in a magic trick.

RockHub controls the automation – MMI environments, sound, lights, air conditioning and much more, completely Plug & Play. No works, no wires, no headache!

Voice controls. Your wish is an order.

Control and manage all your home: lights, environments, multimedia and any other device using only voice commands! Stay connected, give your tone!

IoT. Get ready for the new human interactions.

Have you ever imagined controlling your home by your smartwatch? This is just the beginning…
Smart Modules, new interactions and more possibilities.

And Much More!

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Technology & Innovation for all profiles!

Pocket line offers high performance products, easy and quick installation, transforming home automation into easy and inexpensive segment. A Plug & Play line. Without works, wires or headaches!

Through Prime line, we deliver fully customizable products, followed by trained professionals to perform home automation attending the profile and demand from the costumer.

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Learn how the Internet of Things will impact your life

Have you ever heard about the Internet of Things (IoT – Internet of Things) and does not know what it means?

IoT is a huge infrastructure that allows you to connect networked virtual and physical objects, through communication and data capture technologies. People, smartphones, wearable devices, home appliances, cars, houses and even cities, connected and communicating intelligently.

Imagine waking up later because the alarm automatically set the time when you receive notification that your flight is late that morning.

Is the street lighting fit the weather and more! Get ready for new interactions and more possibilities. Has all indicators and discover new ways to connect.

RockHeine is a pioneer in Brazil in the development of products ready for the IoT.

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